International Minifiddlers is the name of the distance education project in violin studies developed in Finland by Caprice Oy. In International Minifiddlers acclaimed violin professor Géza Szilvay teaches groups starting from 4-6-year old children in Finland and around the world with the Colourstings method. Children are taught systematically on a weekly basis starting from the very basics of violin studies. The pedagogues of the children are instructed throughout the project. The Finnish students of Géza Szilvay are from the East Helsinki Music Institute.

Caprice Oy uses some of the latest online teleconferencing technology for the project. The weekly sessions of International Minifiddlers are documented for national and international broadcasting.

International Minifiddlers promotes children’s culture and children playing music worldwide. The project gives music pedagogues around the world an opportunity to explore the Finnish high-standard musical education in detail. Through International Minifiddlers a worldwide network of talented music pedagogues and young musicians is created.

Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen has addressed his support for International Minifiddlers in a public reference. He feels that the project presents a crucial musical opportunity for remote communities around the world and sees the potentiality of the project virtually boundless.

The project is in cooperation with the University of Helsinki Music and Brain Research Group.