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Children love to take in new experiences through their many senses, and the learning process can be all the more effective the more senses they use. The Colourstrings method uses parallel activity of the senses to promote learning and aid understanding with the help of colourful teaching material. The pictures in the Singing Rascals books are closely associated with the words of the songs and arouse the children’s interest. The material, both in the books and on the CDs, is organised starting from two note melodies and proceeding gradually to five or seven note melodies. They can be sung or played in different keys [movable DO].

The primary purpose of the CD’s is to encourage the child to sing, and sing well. Each song is therefore presented in different ways. Sound effects between the songs make the repeated presentation easier and more fun.

The colourful teaching material also includes a comprehensive collection of instrumental books for beginners, chamber music, orchestra as well as tutoring guides.

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