Colourstrings takes toddlers from as young as 18 months on a journey from their parents’ knees, via clapping, singing and stepping in time, into a “magical world of music and imagination”. In these early years, they achieve an extraordinary level of musicianship before choosing an instrument from the string family, guitar, piano or flute at five or six and progressing through to the highest levels on their chosen instrument up to age 18.

Crucially, Colourstrings is a truly inclusive approach to music education. There is no selection by talent, each pupil developing at their own speed without labels or ranking, yet many have success at the highest levels of the music profession. Recent triumphs have seen our graduates leading the National Youth Orchestra, winning the Polar Star prize in Gothenburg and the National Flute Society’s Pearl Prize, joining the prize-winning Mela Guitar Quartet and winning scholarships and places such as the RNCM and the Menuhin School.

For more information on the Colourstrings Music School visit: https://www.colourstringsmusicschool.co.uk

The Colourstrings approach only exists through the vision, inspiration and dedication of Géza and Csaba Szilvay who have developed and refined their unique approach for over 50 years. The Szilvay foundation exists to train the next generation of teachers. For more information on becoming a Colourstrings teacher, or joining the next training course in August, please click here.

Bookings are now open for the Colourstrings Teacher Training Course Summer Residential, which will run between the 1st – 6th August 2024 and will be held at the Yehudi Menuhin School, Surrey (just outside London).

Read more about it and book your place over on the Courses page. If you are in need of financial support towards course costs, the Pat Wislocki Bursary Fund is now open for applications until the 30 June 2024.