Colourstrings Music Kindergarten

Colourstrings currently provides children with the best introduction to early years music education. The primary aim is to instil a love of music, but children are also given music literacy skills which are vital in future instrumental training.

The fundamental skill of any musician is listening.  The calm, happy and creative atmosphere of Colourstrings Music Kindergarten classes encourages the development of good listening skills and responsive participation while having great fun.  Listening skills also enable a child to function at full potential in a wider context, particularly in other learning situations.  A child who can listen is a child who will learn more easily.

Colourstrings Music Kindergarten introduces children to music in an enjoyable and easily accessible way, with classes for babies, toddlers and young children from birth to seven years of age.  Classes are underpinned by Kodály’s philosophy of music education that we should learn music through singing.

Basic musical concepts such as pitch (high/low), beat, rhythm, tempo (fast/slow) and dynamics (loud/soft) are all introduced from the very beginning, as well as a feeling for character, mood and style.  Initially these things are learned subconsciously, as lessons progress this becomes conscious.

A variety of musical activities make up a Colourstrings Kindergarten class, with nursery rhymes and songs, folk songs, action songs, movement and dance activities all incorporated to develop a love of music in young children.

MESSAGE FROM DR. GÉZA SZILVAY, creator of Colourstrings

Many children today have all the material things they need – clothes, food, toys, etc – sometimes they have more than enough. But material things cannot replace the warmth, affection and time we give to our children, which is so important for their spiritual nourishment.

The “Singing Rascals” books are intended as a means of helping parents, grandparents, kindergarten and nursery school teachers, and all those who have children in their care, to create stimulating and purposeful moments with them.

The pictures, melodies, and words in these books have been carefully chosen and arranged with young pre-school children in mind.  The tunes have been selected from those which over the years have proved appealing and easy to learn, and are skilfully illustrated.  The characters may be used to make up tales arising from the songs.  The printed notation is only for the use of adults.

The creation of Colourstrings Music Kindergartens is a significant step forward in the music education of the very young, and one in which I feel proud to play a part.  My wish for all the little members is – joyous singing!